Sunday, March 7, 2010


Okay now I've got the photos on both blogs. The first one saguaro cacti on the Slate Trail, the second Desert Tortoise (almost a foot long) and the third Cave Creek when there's actually water in it.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Photos from Cave Creek Regional Park

I accidentally posted the photos on Fridge Soup!

Cave Creek Campground

On March 3rd we left Pioneer RV Park where we had been stuck four months because of Eliot's neck surgery and moved over to Cave Creek Regional Park, a nice campground run by Maricopa County. It is very popular and has less than 40 sites with electricity and water and allows campers to stay in one site only two weeks. However after two weeks you can move to overflow which is also where new campers have to go when the park is full and then you get on a list. We came in on Wednesday making sure before we left Pioneer that our generator was working. Overflow was almost full to capacity (15) so we knew we would be there at least two nights. Eliot set up the satellite dish but of course we could only use the computers when the generator was on. On day four we finally got a site and now have electricity but it has just started raining so we don't know how long it will be before the weather interferes with our satellite reception. So whether (no pun intended) or not this will get posted tonight is to be seen. The sites are well separated and nicely set in the Sonoran Desert with abundant flora and fauna and well maintained trails. Eliot did a five mile hike today and his knee is now complaining loudly but I just walked around the campground for half an hour and did some chores. On Monday we will drive the truck down to Los Algodones, Mexico. Actually park on this side of the border at a parking lot run by the local Indian tribe and walk into Los Algondones to buy medicines which are so much cheaper than they are here. We will also check out some dentists. The town caters to Americans looking for cheaper medicine, dentists, liquour and opticians. Two years ago I got 12 crowns for under $2,000. I'm not entirely happy with them but couldn't possibly afford them in the states. I noticed the dentist I went to is no longer listed. Earlier I had gotten two crowns from another dentist which were quite satisfactory. But Eliot needs implants so we will make sure that they are well recommended dentists and we will check out the facilities.
Eliot closes on the house in Chino Valley on March 15th and hopes to leave for our trip to Alaska by May 1st.
I will try to get some pictures of the campground or trails on the computer so I can post them on the blog.