Monday, December 21, 2009

I found my blog

I have to remember now how I did it. I googled my blog which I've had no trouble doing. I just couldn't sign on as its author. Then I clicked on sign out and when that happened I clicked on Home and there was a space where I could type in the email that I set up my blog with. I think that's what I did. Anyhow here I am but I don't know where I was like I didn't look to see what the last post was about. Now it's probably almost 4 weeks since Eliot's surgery which according to the surgeon went well but now he has pain and weakness on his right side. Today he had MRIs of his shoulders but Eliot thinks it's got to be related to the nerve. So we'll see.
I can't think of all the things I was going to blog about and now it's late but at least I think I figured out how to get on.


  1. Yea! Hope you can remember how to do it again.
    That happens to me too often. I finally figure out a way to do something, and then can't do it again. My son-in-law is so patient with me and tries to walk me through it.
    I'll look forward to reading more from you, out there in your sunny, warm climate.