Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eliot's surgery

It went well. Eliot was overnight in the hospital and I brought him home to the 5th wheel today. He has a sheet called no BLT's (bending, lifting or twisting). He needs another person's help with some tasks so now I'm an SOP! He has to wear a hard collar for two weeks and perform a log roll technique to get in and out of bed. The next two weeks should be interesting. Pain so far has been easy to control and he has a sore throat probably from having things moved around to get to his spine. The disc was right on the spinal cord so it was really necessary to get it out. The surgeon showed me and Eliot's son the xrays of his neck and you could clearly see the little device which was holding the cadaver bone to fuse C5 and 6.
The challenge now will be listening to Eliot's bitching about having "to rot in the RV park" till it heals. I just reminded him that he was thrilled after the surgery that everything went so well. Nights are going to be a challenge. There's really very little room in the 5th wheel bedroom. He said he practiced the logroll with the physical therapist. That was before I got back to the hospital this morning so I just can't picture it.
Driving back last night from the hospital I put on NPR and they were playing Johnny Mercer songs nonstop since it was his 100th birthday. And then going down this morning I listened to the Diane Rhiems (sp?) show. I got all my old cassette tapes out of storage so I can listen to them when we travel so I can block out Eliot's talk shows. My cassette player has bigger ear pieces. The cheap MPs player I bought I can't get loud enough and you have to stick those things into your ears. It's a challenge living with a conservative.
Hey, it's a challenge being 72. What I need to do is to get back to writing about some of the great things I did in my life and other challenges I've had. After all I can remember WWII. Maybe I should write about that. It would probably be good for my memory to try to see what I can remember.


  1. Really happy to hear the surgery went well.

    You were 3 years old when WWII began. You have a good memory. I was 8. I do remember a lot of things about it. My brother was in - including the Battle of the Bulge. But young as I was, most of it was a game to me - V-mail, blackout curtains, etc. Write about it! I'd love to hear your take on things.

  2. Good project, Karin, get writing at once!
    It is so hard to be with a limited patient with no patience. Ha!
    Distract yourself.

  3. Karin!

    You are a hoot! And a gal after my heart. I have an RV - haven't been in it for almost 2 years though. I moved from the midwest to Arizona and love it, but it has taken time to get settled in a new place. I've only been out in the RV a couple of times since then, but that is about to change. Once I get out again, I may never come back.

    I'm trying to get to Alb., N.M. to have more solar panels installed and a bigger inverter. Right now, its tough to boondock. I have to have computer power, lots of it. My RV is a 26' Lazy Daze, just big enough for me and two cats.

    Things are busy for the next few days, but I plan on reading your entire blog, just to see what you've been up to.

  4. Dear Karin

    It's been a while since you posted and I hope life is reasonable for you.

    Wishing you peace and joy for 2010 and happy Hannukah.

  5. Yes, please do write about it...I too would love to hear.