Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halleleujah, I back

Eliot bought me a new computer (for only $329!) and I was able to find me! Now I have to find out if the old computer burns CDs so I can get my pictures off the hard drive. If the old computer is not connected to the internet it works, like I can play games or get My Pictures but if I connect to the internet nothing happens.
That was yesterday! I tried the old computer this morning and the first thing it wanted to do was install updates which I did and then I connected to the internet!?! and here I am on the old computer. How long this is going to last I don't know. Eliot thinks it's temporary.
Now yesterday I wrote a lot more but it didn't autosave like this one always did every few minutes and when I went to publish it, the internet connection crashed. I think I'll try to publish this before rewriting what I wrote yesterday. I just noticed it hasn't autosaved for the last 4 minutes. So I will save it first and then try to publish it.


  1. Always a good think to copy & paste into word, I've lost so much myself that I tend to do this now.
    Great to see you back!