Friday, January 29, 2010

Losing it

I got a notice from the library that two of the books I put on hold were in. So Eliot agreed we could go to the library combining it with a meal at Souper Salad and a movie at the second run theatre which we hadn't seen. I said the movie was one that we had seen. He couldn't remember it. But I said there's another movie there we haven't seen.
We get to the library. I find two items on the hold shelf with my name. One is a CD instead of the book I ordered and the other one is a completely wrong book. I head over to the reference desk and get on line. The librarian (or is she a clerk) says they were overwhelmed with books being shipped to the branch yesterday and since they're overworked due to cutbacks in staff because of the economic downturn all kinds of mistakes happened. So we go over to the held book shelves and she says look for other books that have the same date. I found it first because I knew it was a big book. A sigh of relief. The CD was my mistake apparently because when I put the book on hold I must have checked the "CD" instead of "book." You have to be so careful these days because so many books these days are put on CDs. (I know my brother always listens to a book when he does his early morning walk.) The clerk/librarian corrects the CD business and puts me #1 for on hold for the "book" and checks out the other book for me so I don't even have to go to the automated check out desk (Where have I been when all this technology took over the library and the rest of the world - oops I'm blogging on the internet!?!) So now I don't have time for the other stuff I wanted to look up in the library because we have to go to Souper Salad so we can go to this movie. When we get to the movie we actually see a preview of the movie Eliot says he doesn't remember seeing which I know we've seen. I laugh at how he can't remember movies he just saw. "Oh, you must have slept through it" say smarty pants. We get home and I open the book I just checked out from the library and know from the first sentence that I've already read this book, probably last summer at Pole Creek Lake, although I can't remember the rest of the book but with each sentence I read I remember I've read it before although I don't know what the next sentence will say. No smarty pants remark from Eliot.
I emailed the Carnegie Foundation saying libraries around the country need help and since Carnegie originally founded the free libraries, isn't there something they can do? I don't know whom I can email about my memory and should I read the book again? I think I'll do hoping at some point it will come back to me so I don't have to read all 500 pages.


  1. Oh, Karin, you're getting into my class now. Except, I don't read much any more. My eyes won't let me. I have no less than five books on tape to listen to, and if I don't stop playing on the computer all the time, I'll never get to them either.

  2. Karin, I'm a fellow cook in Friko's kitchem. Saw your comment this morning and came here to have a look. What an adventuress YOU are!
    Reading this post made me smile because I do this sort of thing, if not regularly, at least several times a year. I watched a great, compelling movie with my youngest son and then 3 weeks later rented the same movie. But not on purpose. You can imagine my son's reaction to that...
    I have also done this with library books and even purchased books. But since I'm an inveterate returner of things, I took it back and they believed me when I said I had read it, but just not THAT copy.
    I'm 55, and this has been happening to me all my life. It's called, in my case, not being attentive. Nuttin' to do with failing memory.
    Enjoyed your other posts too and look forward to seeing you at Fridge Soup.