Friday, January 15, 2010

Rice Cakes, books, and so it goes

Quaker makes "Chocolate Crunch" rice cakes. They have 60 calories in each piece and 14 cakes in two packages of 7 each. They are coated with some kind of chocolate liquor and have tiny chocolate chips and should be in 7 packages of 2 each so I wouldn't eat 7 at a time.
Alexander McCall Smith's books about the female Scottish philosopher are in the Isabel Dalhousie series. The first one is called "The Sunday Philosophy Club" The book I just read about a woman in WWII is called "La's Orchestra Saves the World" I would give a star to that one WWW. I noticed on your list that Brooklyn by Colm Toibin didn't have a star. His book "The Blackwater Lightship" you might like more. In fact I think I quoted from it in a earlier blog entry. It is about 3 generations of women: grandmother, mother and daughter, who don't get along but who are forced through circumstances to have to deal with a problem.
I came across a quote today by a an 18th century Frenchman whom I'd never heard of: "social evils are the result of ignorance and error rather than an inevitable consequence of human nature" He also said something about continually progressing toward a perfect utopian society would require unifying regardless of race, religion or culture. I think he died in prison and so it goes.
My two favorite humanists are Kurt Vonnegut and Edward O. Wilson which reminds me that I have to see if the Phoenix Library has Wilson's latest book.


  1. You should try Alexander McCall Smith's 44 Scotland Street series if you haven't already done so. Jerry and I liked those a lot, though the last one fell off a bit.

  2. I must get the McCall books you recommended, Karin.
    I'd better stay away from those rice cakes, they sound highly addictive to a person like me!!
    I've written a book (unpublished) about 3 generations of women at odds with each other so thanks for the Toibin recommendation too!