Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Eliot has an appointment with a doctor in Phoenix Monday. To make the time go faster I bought him cable for a month. When we signed in here he said no to cable. Since his 70th birthday is Oct 2nd I said it was an early birthday present. I've noticed that for the past hour he's had a few laughs watching old Cheers. Now Becker is on. It's fun to laugh for a change. Eliot has a satellite dish but it's just for internet, not TV. If I had TV I never would have gotten into blogging and made all these great friends.


  1. Hooray for Cheers and Becker! Hope things like this do distract him from the pain. It's a very nice birthday gift for him, and I hope that you both enjoy it very much.

  2. Dear Karin

    It was good to catch up with you and to know that you are in a safe place.

    A few good laughs, such a tonic.

    I hope Eliot soon gets some relief from his pain.

  3. I'm with you - I know if I had TV my reading, my knitting, my blogging and my writing would go kaput. Even when I'm visiting someone who has TV on I'm riveted.
    But a great distraction for a month and I'm glad Eliot is enjoying it!!!