Thursday, September 10, 2009

More joy from Celeste

Celeste Maia recognized me for my "pluck" and I love her image. It speaks to me on several levels. The moon has always been special to me since my Wiccan days and the figure holding the moon is for me definitely Jungian.

Celeste is a rare creature, so talented and so caring bringing joy into many lives. I am so honored that she found me on the mountain and gave me the courage to continue my pluck. I have so enjoyed her blog and the many blogs she has introduced me to. And how wonderful that she shares her paintings on her blog and website. I go to them often.


  1. You are back, Karin! So glad to have your company again. And I am honored that you posted the "moonlight", thank you for your very generous and kind words.

  2. I am glad you enjoyed Sharon Olds, I knew you would. I had you in mind when I posted her poems. She really takes me to places that only I know about. Or I feel only I know about.

  3. Celeste is quite wonderful, isn't she? I share your admiration of her paintings. and I am so happy that she gave you this award.