Friday, September 18, 2009

Next Move

Eliot is in a great deal of pain so instead of waiting till Tuesday to leave Torrey we'll pack up tomorrow and head out Sunday hoping to make it to Blanding (still in Utah) and then Monday to Prescott Valley, AZ hopefully to the Orchard Park over 55 RV park and plan to stay a month. From there he hopes to be able to make a doctor's appointment in Phoenix. It's too hot to stay in Phoenix although he doesn't look forward to the drive down and back in the truck from Prescott Valley to Phoenix.


  1. You do have an interesting life, moving from place to place. I do not envy you the weather in Phoenix. My only experience there is a couple of times getting through the airport, and that was bad enough. It's the only place I know of where you have to leave the a/c in the building and walk across the tarmac some distance to board the plane in searing heat.

  2. Bon voyage and I hope not too painful a trip.