Sunday, September 6, 2009

Going off line

This will be my last post for a while because Rhett, the seasonal ranger (who hasn't landed a full-time job yet despite his many talents and skills, his love of the outdoors, his genuine concern for people and stewardship of the land) will help us take down the satellite dish in the morning and load the generators into the truck. We will miss him. Tuesday we hope to take the last trip down the mountain - truck pulling fifth-wheel pulling trailer with the quads.
I have to explain he thrill of receiving the award which might have seemed a little over the edge. When I was in first-grade in elementary school I had my gold stars taken away from me for a minor infraction which I didn't even know was wrong. Nobody had explained the rules to me. School from kindergarten up was a disaster for me. Celeste you don't know how lucky you were to be taught by your parents. I could write a whole long post about the tortures of childhood and the failure of public education in the US. When I was an usher one year at the UU Church in Rochester (I joked about it being called a church - I said it was a cover for subversive activities. It had little to do with religion, no dogma, inclusive of all believes and lifestyles - it was about community, love and service) I mentioned the gold star incident to the head usher. At the end of the year he handed me a card for good work done with gold stars all over it.
When we get back online I'll try to figure out how to send awards. I'm constantly finding new wonderful blogs to read.


  1. Nothing wrong with being thrilled with an award. Especially when you deserve it.

    We'll miss your posts while you're away. Here's wishing you both well.

  2. I hope I'm not too late to wish you well as you're packing up.

    It'll be good to catch up with you when you're back on line.

  3. I will miss you, Karin, and look forward to your return. I hope everything goes well for you.
    You know, I am creating an award, but it will not be an award but a "recognition". Why not? I am designing it, I want to give it to the blogs that I really enjoy. And no obligations attached. I know I will probably call it "moonlight". Oh well, we have to have fun too, dont you think?