Sunday, February 14, 2010

downloading overload

We have this problem with our satellite connection. we live in a 5th wheel and have this portable dish that picks up a Hughes network satellite and they have a "fair access policy" which means you can only download 200MB a day and we don't know why we're exceeding this limit which we do quite often lately. I asked Eliot if my downloading other people's blogs that have lots of pictures might be a reason. I don't know how many bytes downloading a picture is but I though it was in a KB category. So I'm going to view a lot of your blogs now while Eliot isn't using his computer so we can see how much it takes while I'm doing this as we can see by the hour how much is downloaded. If any of your are computer nerds and can give me an answer to this problem, let me know. Now I'm going to look at all your blogs.

1 comment:

  1. 200 mb sounds like a lot Karin, and I think youtubes would send you a bit high but not pics?
    Now in Highspeed Heaven and beside herself with joy.