Thursday, February 4, 2010


Am I in my right mind or is it my left mind but I joined Friko's Fridge Soup. I don't even have enough time to write a post on this blog and I don't have enough time to read all the blogs I want to follow, officially or not. And now I just got 4 more books from the library in addition to the book that I think I'm rereading. Ah, but this is good if only I can keep it upbeat and that's by not following the news. I think I might have offended Eliot by telling him I wasn't interested in his nattering on about politics and I'm sorry our interests are different although we both do like Hitchcock. I also found a DVD at the library which we both just watched "Frenzy" a really good old Hitchcock which of course was digitally upgraded so that you think you're watching a new movie. I remember when I lived in Rochester, NY the Eastman House had archives of old movies which were kept in ideal storage condition so as not to deteriorate as old films did and once a week they would show an old one in their small movie theatre. I wonder what they're doing now at Eastman House. When I lived there they did what I though was terrible. Someone thought that Eastman House should look like it did when George Eastman lived there but the Copper Beech on the front lawn had grown so huge you couldn't see the house. It was a magnificent tree but they cut it down. East Avenue on which Eastman House is located is a very wide street and across the street was another copper beech probably planted at the same time. After the tree in front of the house was cut down I noticed that the tree on the opposite side of the street started to look poorly and in time it died. I'm not a botanist but I know instinctively that those two trees were joined together in some way deep down in the earth. Rochester has great trees, an urban forest with trees planted along all the streets. The ice storm (I believe it was in 1991) did so much damage and so many huge old trees were taken down because they were said to be dangerous but I'm sure many could have been saved with judicious pruning. This post started out as something else but then I remembered my love affair with trees.
It's getting late. I just made a cup of sleepy time tea and now I'll see what some of my blog friends are up to.


  1. Some of my best friends are trees.

  2. I Know whereof you speak, Karin. I was a member of the Toronto Film Society when I lived there and there were annual trips to Eastman House.
    Frenzy is a great Hitchcock classic. I would also recommend "Rope". And a very early one" "Strangers on a Train".
    Trees are my buddies. I have one bandaged one out front after a savage storm ripped off one of her arma. Trees keep me warm in winter too..

  3. I like your stream of consciousness style.
    Just last summer my friend B took me on a tour of the grand Rochester houses, and showed me the Eastman house. Quite something! are all those old beauties.
    I have a sense that you might well be correct about the two beech trees...