Thursday, February 11, 2010

A little bit more of Ireland

My fondest memories of Ireland include miles of fushia hedges in bloom along the side of the road and walking out on the moor and finding a ewe on her back with a bockety leg. I turned her right side up and she hobbled away on three legs but no way was she going to survive because there were no shepherds. The sheep were just splotched with a color for whom they belonged to and sent out on the moor. Some must have dropped off cliffs and come to other bad ends. I was walking by myself at sunset. My husband preferred to sit and drink and talk to some other talkative drunken Irishman. He was fine when he wasn't drinking and we had many nice hikes that first trip but after the first drink he was lost to me.
The most beautiful sunset I ever saw was on the shore I think it was an island we took a boat to off the west of Ireland and the sunset was mirrored on the waves slowly making their way up the beach. We also had the best salmon I ever ate there.

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