Monday, February 22, 2010

Maybe Karin returns

I was afraid after my last post I'd get no comments. I'm grateful for the support Bobbie and WWW. Yes, when real stuff happens you have to deal with I usually can handle that because the adrenalin (I think the British say adrenalin and we say epinenepherine) starts to flow. That's always been my problem, not so much not enough serotonin but too much reuptake of the norepinepherine in the synapses (I once worked for a neuroleptic psychiatrist and typed his whole book on neuroleptic drugs). One shrink I had said one reason depressed people lived on the edge was to make the adrenalin flow. And I've sure done some risky things in my life and a lot of stupid things. I realized after reading Eric Berne ( the transactional analyis inventor) how I played games and even figured out my life script when I took a course on TA but it wasn't until I went on medication that I could change my behavior. I knew it was time to do something now because I could only remember the stupid stuff and kept beating myself up when there actually was a lots of good times and good things I did. I loved working in a nursing home and helped many people over to the other side and in my better moments I can feel the presence of those guardian angels up there in the collective unconscious.
Eliot wants to take the 5th wheel to Alaska this summer but first he's buying an anchor home, a singlewide Manufactured home in an over 55 development in Chino Valley, 15 miles north of Prescott, AZ. We close March 15th so maybe we'll get to stay in it a month before traveling and that also makes it possible for Eliot to possibly get a knee replacement when we get back because there's no way he could recover from that in the 5th wheel. and it will be a place to stay when we can no longer travel. And I think he's mainly doing this for me for which I am very grateful. We've had a wonderful six years but this seventh since he hurt his neck has been very difficult.


  1. Life doesn't get easier, does it? I know it hasn't for me. How Do you feel now about Alaska? It is good to know there will be a more permanent place to come back to.

  2. I know of nobody with a free pass, Karin, it is up and down and downright chaotic and unfair sometimes, we need to treasure the little diamonds.
    I'm glad you're taking root somewhere, you must be pleased.

  3. Dear Karin. It's been so good to catch up with you. I've spent the last hour doing so. Since before Christmas we've had almighty storms and I didn't dare risk the computer, so kept switching off. We've been in the grip of this weather for 2 months, so blog reading and writing has fallen behind.

    Life seems to have turned a corner for you and by planning a trip and having somewhere secure to return to, must feel good.

    I wish you both good health and sending you positive thoughts.