Friday, July 3, 2009

any one out there?

This is an experiment. I'm looking for someone to talk to. I tried Facebook but can't find anybody my age . I'm 72 and remember the Second World War from Brooklyn. I got married at 19 to get out of Brooklyn. He was Irish. I was Jewish. We lived in many places (Baltimore, New York City, Munich, Cambridge, Vienna) before ending up in Fayetteville, Arkansas where he taught at the University of Arkansas and I was barefoot and pregnant. He was an alcoholic and gave up a tenured position and left me and the 3 kids in Rochester, NY where I had family. After we were divorced I lived with another man for 12 years before selling him my house and buying a small RV and going on the road. After 5 years of many adventures I met a man also traveling alone who took me to Australia for 6 months where we traveled in a Land Cruiser with a pop-up top and not having killed each other we figured we'd get along so I moved into his RV and we've been together f0r 6 years. We now host a remote primitive campground in the High Uintahs of Utah for 3 months in the summer and have a satellite dish. I really would like to have someone else to talk to so I thought maybe I could find somebody on blogspot.

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  1. Yes, here's someone out here - here being Southern Spain.

    I've wandered in via TGB, your short story and liked your style. Going back to your first blog here and will read forward. What an interesting, eventful life you've had. I'll be back....