Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Sunny Day

We've been here at Pole Creek Lake Campground 3 weeks and the weather is finally beginning to be nice. Sunshine and clouds that are not threatening. I still need someone to talk with. A woman came up from Salt Lake City and she talked a lot, in fact, too much. But she was also from the East (Yonkers) and I'm originally from Brooklyn so we had similar accents. She didn't like the mosquitos and left and was very attached to her dog, a big lab named Henry. I could understand why the man she was expecting to join her didn't show up.


  1. Hi Karin
    Yes, people are out here.
    I live in southern NJ near Cape May. A long way from your mountains. I am 77 years old.
    sounds to me like you are a lot healthier than I am. I've reached the point of having to stay home most of the time. My computer has become my best friend.
    I have two very close friends nearby - both young enough to be my daughters. All but a handful of friends my age are deceased, as are all my family members except my children and grandchildren. So I know - it gets lonely sometimes.
    Tell you what. I'll become your first follower. No way to know at this point if we will turn into friends, but I'm game if you are.
    If you're looking for memories of NY (I lived on Long Island all my married life) look on my sidebar for links to LI Daily Photo, and Out and About in NYC, and Forks Off the Moment

  2. It's me again. I was wondering - do you have a camera? People do love to look at pictures. You might even join one of the many memes that are found everywhere among bloggers, and if you do that you can make comments and receive comments from others each week, and perhaps make more friends. In the mountains, you would be able to take some lovely shots, I'm sure.
    The first I joined was Sky Watch Friday. People froma all over the world send photos of the skies above them. Take a look. It's at
    Entries start coming in at 2:30 EST (I'm not sure what time zone you're in.) on Thursdays.

  3. Bobbie, I'm not sure how I talk to you? Do I write here or do I have to comment on your blog, but where? I'm not on the computer so much because we have to run the generator and I get very frustrated with it. Anyhow, what drew me right away to you was the Maya Angelou quote on inclusiveness. When I lived in Rochester, NY I belonged to a UU congregation because of their emphasis on inclusivity. Have I said I lived in Brooklyn for the first 19 years of my life?