Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hike in the High Uintahs

A beautiful day, blue sky, high sixties, nice wind in the meadow to keep the mosquitoes away but once in the woods they were there. Eliot wanted to see if there was a bridge over the Whiterocks River down stream because years back he had seen piles of bridge building material on the start of Trail 049. We found the bridge and the river was flowing fast, too fast for fish. Later in the fall after they've let out most of the water from the Chepeta Reservoir, they're are fisherman along the banks. The trail on the other side of the bridge was full of downfall and it was very difficult going. There are no easy trails anyhow in the High Uintahs because of rocks, rocks, rocks but climbing over logs and refinding the trail made the hike even more difficult. I forgot to wear my home made gaitors which I need because my Keen boots (I should say boats because they are really too big so they can accomodate my toes and orthotics) are low and ever lose bit of forest creeps into the tops and stick in my elastic stockings which I have to wear because my legs and feet swell. Don't ask me what I'm doing hiking in the High Uintahs instead of sitting by a pool sipping mint juleps. But it was lovely when we finally got back to the meadow, if you can call it a meadow. Even meadows up here have rocks. We did have a lovely lunch by the bridge watching thr river rush by.


  1. It is hard to go climbing over rocks, but not a problem for you, I see. You may be wise, but not old woman at all. Your writing is good, it made me feel like I was coming along. Good entry!

  2. A great post!
    I do love rocks, though I'm sure they cause all kinds of difficulties.
    That sounded like the kind of hike I would have enjoyed very much a few years back. And temps in the 60's would be ideal for me. I picture you in those mountains, enjoying it to the fullest. Far better than lounging at the pool.

  3. What a fantastic comment you made. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading it. Thank you.