Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Visit from the Sheriff

We were just about to eat supper. The generator was on high so that the microwave would work when there was a knock on the door, a firm hard knock. I recognized it as the knock of a lawman. Just come up to check that all was well. Well, it wasn't. His visit introduced a zillion new mosquitoes who joined us for dinner. I got many of them with my battery operated tennis racquet shaped flying insect zapper but those mosquitoes are smart. They know if they get too close to the computer I won't try to electocute them because the charge knocks out the computer.


  1. Oh mosquitoes, they zero in on me each time they come in. Everybody else is spared, but I am covered. I cant believe you have so many, and that battery operated tennis racquet shaped flying insect zapper is exactly what I need. Never saw or heard of one, but I am going to investigate.

  2. We have a tennis racquet zapper also but we have many no-see-ums and few mosquitos and apparently, no-see-ums are very good tennis players and I have the bites to prove it.