Friday, July 24, 2009

Ode to Celeste Maia

If I were a poet I'd write an ode to Celeste Maia. At least I can thank you Celeste for reading my blog and knowing I'm not just another lonely voice in cyberspace. Next time I'm at the library I will look to see if they have your books. It must be wonderful to be your grandchild! Yes, thank you, Eliot necks seems to be improving although I'm not certain if it's just the effects of the pain pills and muscle relaxants. We took the Kipor generator to near Provo, an 8 hour drive round trip so maybe it will get fixed. I am so curious about Mozambique and how you came to be born there and actually your whole life. I'm an avid reader and love to read of other cultures although the last few books I've read were so devastating: The Kite Runner, Tomorrow Will Be Better, a book about a Czech woman during the war who escaped the communists only to end up in Lahore during the Partition, and another book about the Armenian Holocaust. And having been born Jewish, I've read everything I could on the Holocaust marveling how lucky I was to be born in the United States instead of Europe. I wish I could have what seems to me your more positive view of the human race.


  1. Karin, you make me happy first thing in the morning! Thank you for your so very kind words. Actually you deserve an ode much more than I.
    In 1937 my Portuguese father migrated to Mozambique with his new Spanish bride who was escaping the Spanish civil war. He was a doctor so he was sent to the north working alone in an area where there was not even a house. So the little house built was both hospital and where they lived. I was born there at the end of 41, it is called Nametil, right in the middle of the jungle.
    My parents moved around quite a bit, they taught me how to read and write, there were never any schools. Finally they went to Lourenco Marques, the capital, and from there I left already an adult.
    In september I may come to the States, so I will mail you my art book and a few of my children's books, we will exchange addresses then.
    If you can find English translations of a great Mozambican writer - Mia Couto - you would get the flavor of what life is like there. They say he is Nobel material.

  2. I have just orderd a used copy of Forbidden Lands by Mia Couto from as the local library does not have a copy. I am really pleased with having recently received two books by an Irish author I just discovered, Colm Toibin after reading his book "Brooklyn" And before we went to Australia I must have gotten a dozen books from them on Australia, many of them on the experience of the native people.
    If you come to the States, where would you go? We are hoping to travel along the Gulf Coast this winter, as I mentioned before, hopefully getting over to the Atlantic Ocean.

  3. I am quite sure you will enjoy Forbidden Lands. I dont know how it will sound in English because his Portuguese is like music.
    How are you feeling today? Sending best wishes for a pleasant Sunday.

  4. I am waving hello to you, Karin, from this side of the Atlantic.