Friday, July 17, 2009

Split Rock Path

Eliot is very proud that his picture of the Split Rock made it to Google Earth: Split Rock Path near White Rocks, Utah. I call it the Rocky Horror Trail. I think I mentioned in previous posts that the High Uintahs are noted for their rocks. Did I also mention mosquitoes? We've cairned the path to Lower Rock Lake. It's about an hour long and kids love to follow the cairns. There are other landmarks for me along the way, the little opening with Indian Paint Brush, the detour around a very old big tree that fell many years ago, the log that's easy to cross because of the two rocks on either side to help you over, the huge rock with a depression beneath it that holds water until the end of summer. The Lake is beautiful framed by rocky cliffs and sun sparkling on the water. Eliot actually caught a very big cutthroat, maybe 18 inches while I tried to read Amy Tan through my mosquito net. When I first met Eliot I tried to fish also but never bcame very skilled at releasing the hook from the fish's mouth and had too much empathy for the poor tricked fish. So I always bring a book. A reminder of our hike for several days will be the itchy welts on my tush from answering nature's call.

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