Sunday, July 12, 2009

computers suck

I just wrote a long post and must have hit something accidentally and the whole thing disappeared!
One thing I wrote was how I was amazed that someone as accomplished as Celeste Maia commented on my comment to Bobbie. I'm also amazed at her website and Bobbies' How do you become so tech savvy?
I think I said something about all the campers who were here this weekend (8 sites). Glad the weekend is over.
I also wondered about vegetarians eating calamari.
And there was a bunch of other stuff about my 10 year old grandson who is being raised in 3 languages in Budapest and now probably knows some Turkish since he spends a month every summer in Butterfly Valley on the Turkish coast.
Before I lose this too I'm signing off.


  1. Sorry you lost your post. I really hate when that happens!

    I just discovered Celeste's blog myself. Isn't she an amazing woman? I am sure I will enjoy reading her posts and comments very much indeed.
    Don't know what you mean if you're saying that I am tech savvy. I'm anything but! My son-in-saw is something of a computer genius. He's very patient with me, but probably dreads seeing my emails with questions. Last time he was here he had my computer in little pieces all over the floor, looking for a problem. He works with computers, for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute - programs robots to walk on the ocean floor, as my daughter mentioned recently.

    Better luck with your next post!

  2. Me again. I meant to mention that my youngest daughter and son-in-law (Yes, I see the typo in the previous comment) love to go camping up in Big Sur. Did I tell you that before? Sorry. When you're as old as I am you'll repeat yourself too.

  3. Because I am 9 hours ahead of you I only read your posts the day after. Which is fine. I am not at all tech savvy, I struggle with this machine all the time. I think it was Joseph Campbel who said that computers are like gods from the first testament, all rules and no mercy. He is so right.
    I am still learning the rules and I get rejections all the time and lose posts too. In fact I tried to post yesterday about the Bodhi Tree and it disappeared and never saw the light of day. Now I have to re-write the whole thing and try again.
    As for CLL - chronic lymphocytic anemia - it has no cure, but I am hanging here, trying to be less intense, be aware of the relevant, enjoy the little things. And sharing thoughts with intelligent women like you and Bobbie.

  4. I have not been able to leave a comment on your last entry. I tried early this morning, and tried again now in the afternoon. When I clic comments, it will not open. I did want to congratulate Eliot on his photos of Split Rock, and I loved the image of you reading under the mosquito net, I wish you had posted a photo of that!