Thursday, July 9, 2009


It was wonderful to find Bobbie commenting on my blog. I have so much to learn especially about sharing photos. Eliot, my companion, has great photos posted on panaramio. I will have to learn how to share these and maybe even borrow his camera. I noticed the photo Bobbie had of Imagine. When I feel most down I sing Imagine or Dona Nobis Pacem. Bobbie's blog has shown me there are other people out there who have a similar world view. I have a son, Patrick Doyle, who lives lightly on the land. He is a sculptor, mostly large geometric spheres and he volunteers every year at Arcosanti. and now I probably have to stop because I can only email when the generator is on. I think Eliot is out there splitting wood for our nightly campfires.


  1. So you are familiar with my neck of the woods.

    How many people do you have at your campground?
    My youngest daughter and family love to go camping. They live in CA, and often camp in Big Sur.

  2. We have more mosquitos than campers. It's been a very wet June here. Only four sites were taken on the 4th of July weekend. We're 13 miles up a winding steep dirt road and this weekend we have 3 sites so far. I've camped in Big Sur among the Redwoods. I've been in every state but North Dakota and Nebraska mostly when I was traveling alone in my small RV. Thank you for leading me to he Sanibel Island site. I was there 3 times and envy Tootie. Is this the best way to communicate or should I give you an email address? A deer is looking at me through the window but will be gone by the time I find the camera.

  3. I came to your blog because of the excellent comment you left at Bobbie's Almost There blog. You echoed my thoughts, and I enjoyed every thing you wrote.

    So now I am going to start visiting your blog.I envy your freedom and having a deer looking at you.

  4. So now your brother is also a follower! Good blog. I may have to start up mine again.