Wednesday, July 22, 2009

more problems

Eliot has a pinched nerve in his neck. The AC got accidentally turned on during the night because the stupid thermostat is right above the bathroom light switch so when Karin tried to turn on the generator because Eliot couldn't even get out of bed, the generator blew. It's a Kipor, a Honda knockoff. So we had to get a cheap noisey Champion to replace it and it looks like there's no one here who can fix the Kipor. The local RV place in Vernal says they've given up being a dealer because they're unreliable so even though it's probably still under warranty we wont be able to get it fixed. Eliot tried a chiropractor on Monday but today we went to the Urgent Care Clinic so he could get some pain pills and muscle relaxants. And the mosquitoes are still driving me crazy and I'm trying to plant a seed in Eliot's mind that it would be better not coming up here again next year. It's 13 miles down this horrible steep rocky dirt road to a paved road for another half hour to Vernal when something happens. I'm too old for this. Eliot says he's rather drop dead up here hiking than not be here. But first he has to stop hurting before he can actually hike. I know I complain too much and should count my blessings. I had a long adventurous life. I just hope we make it through this summer. And if we do I'd like to see the Atlantic Ocean once more preferably on Jekyl Island off of Georgia.


  1. "Ï had a long adventurous life". How many people can say that, Karin?
    I hope Eliot feels better so he can hike. And I hope you make it to the Atlantic. This way I can wave to you across the ocean from the western most point in Europe.

  2. I am showing the place from where I will be waving at you across the Atlantic. If you have a minute, come see it. I would love for you to come visit.

  3. How is Eliot doing today? Better?