Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another hike near Prescott

Today we did a 3+ mile (round trip - a little over two hours) hike on the trail to Granite Mountain trail in the Granite Mountain Wilderness northwest of Prescott. Several years ago we actually made it to the top about 8 miles round trip eating lunch at the top overlooking Prescott. I remember that hike vividly because of the ant that got stuck under my sleeve and stung me and the prickly pear that I brushed against too closely. It's a popular hike and being Sunday we had lots of people passing us :). Eliot's blood pressure is down a bit tonight. He almost seemed disappointed because he really doesn't want the surgery on his neck. I did okay with my two sticks. It's not my favorite hike because of all the loose granite on the trail, like ball bearings under your feet. We were surprised by all the flowers still on the sides of the trail but we didn't have the camera with us! If we had remembered it I'd have a photo for Mellow Yellow Monday.
It's hard to believe that for six years before we became decrepit we hiked all the time. In fact we met through the keyword "hiking" on Yahoo Personals.

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  1. Good on you Karin for doing the hike, quite an achievement. Damn our aging bodies anyway, I so badly want to run these days but am quite terrified of doing some idiotic damage and living alone this would not be a good thing.
    We have to be content with our reality. And yours seems awfully good from here.
    We're vertical. YAY!