Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lynx Lake

Lynx Lake Recreational Area is one of the many parks in the Prescott area. Arizona has many natural recreation areas. Arizona is not just Phoenix and the Grand Canyon. There is a trail all around the Lake. The west side of the lake has a paved trail from the picnic area at the top of the lake to the larger one on the bottom which also has a boat launch. The east side of the lake is unpaved and a little rugged and is closed from December 1st through June 30th to protect the nesting bald eagles. But this was Oct 8th and we got to walk all around and not only did we see two eagles flying but numerous ducks and cormorants and grebes and a squirrel with a great big white tail. Ponderosas and alligator junipers and blue lake and sky. The trail was 2.3 miles and took us an hour and a half. I use two Leki poles and the only pain Eliot had was his knee. Hopefully his blood pressure will be normal tomorrow when we see the cardiologist. Guess who suggested we go to Lynx Lake today. Twas the caregiver who supposedly makes Eliot's blood pressure rise. I also have been blamed for my late husband's drinking.

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