Sunday, October 25, 2009

Don't bother reading this

I get sick on roller coasters, the back seat of a car, in a small airplane, a rough sea ride but this was the first time I got sick in the movies. Since it's still hot here in Phoenix and we're waiting for Eliot's results from all the tests the cardiologist ordered we go to the movies a lot. Why Eliot won't spend more than $10 for a meal but has no problem with $6.50 (senior discount) for a stupid movie is beyond me. But anyhow he said there's this movie that cost only a few thousand $ to make and was raking in millions. Apparently it was taken in one house with a shakey camera and was supposed to be a horror movie (not my kind of movie to start with but if he's willing to put out the $13 what do I have to say). After 3/4 of an hour of this shakey camera I'm feeling really bad and said I'm going to go out for a drink. I found an usher who sat me down and brought me some water but I really wanted to get out of there and she went in to the theatre to get Eliot (who apparently hadn't missed me much) and we got out money back (I mean Eliot's money). I really complain a lot, don't I, but nobody really has to read this. I don't know why you bother Bobbie when you can be out taking pretty pictures of flowers and skies.
Today the big complaint is Pocketmail. Pocketmail is this handheld device that you can hold up to the phone to send and receive email which I got a long time ago when I was traveling alone. Actually it was a present at the end of a three month relationship with a first class asshole who I traded in for a poodle. Now that's a long story which I'll get into another time. Actually that's two stories: the asshole retired Air Force Lt Colonel and my 3 years with Cherie, my foster poodle.
So since we have satellite I use the Pocketmail website instead of taking the device to a phone. Some hacker or phisher messed up pocketmail and now I can't get my email from the website anymore. I actually have several emails besides the pocketmail but there were a number of people, mostly my family that I stayed in touch with through Pocketmail. So being Sunday (when our cell phone has unlimited minutes) I called everybody including my friend in Arkansas with whom I hadn't spoken in years. That was the high point of my day!
What pisses me off the most about not being able to access the website of Pocketmail is that I saved so many messages that chronicled our journeys which I never printed off and a lot of other stuff in various boxes and I've paid pocketmail through next May!
Maybe I shouldn't even be relying on this blog because of cyberwarfare!
Back to notebooks and pens. Fortunately I did keep a log but since I've been blogging I don't write much in it anymore except dr appointments and the names of the stupid movies we see and one other private matter :).

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  1. I too wonder about relying on so much tech-gear. what happens if blogger goes down? Or hotmail? Or google-docs.? I wouldn't know how to backup my blog, do you?
    There was something comforting about the old pen and ink journalling, the sound of the pen on the paper, the thoughts crossed out, the solutions celebrated and all that.
    I still do a bit of it to untangle myself periodically. it seems the only time I do a good job of that is when I'm in or fresh out of a relationship.