Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Jersey, Wal-mart and other controversies

It's very thought provoking to live with someone with a completely different world view. First to the New Jersey girls: Since my companion likes to listen to right-wing talk shows I got to hear Hugh Hewitt interviewing Daggett. Hewitt is up there on my list of offensive talk hosts with Rush, Hannity, Levin, Beck, Medved, Savage and the rest of the ilk. Hewitt is telling Daggett he has no chance and the reason Hewitt is so against Daggett is that he will take votes away from the Republican, probably not as many as he would take away from Corzine. So after listening to Daggett who sounded reasonable if I were a New Jersey woman I would probably vote for him on the chance that he might get in and if he didn't probably Corzine would win which would be the better alternative to Christy (sp? - I never saw the name in print).
Secondly the Wal-mart billionaires aren't making their money from Wal-mart. When Wal-mart was riding high and everybody was buying their stock, they took their money and invested it in other companies. Wal-mart stock is really down now but it won't effect their wealth. Things are not black and white. Wal-mart is not all good or bad. We shop there all the time because it's cheaper. Wal-mart didn't put the Mom and Pop stores out all by themselves and if a community wants to keep them out, they can by their votes.
I am basically against super capitalism and greed but also against fanaticism whether it's on the right or left.

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  1. Thanks for your input on Daggett.

    I still don't agree with you on Wal-Mart, but we'll agree to disagree. But no, the community can't really keep them out with their votes. We tried our darndest.