Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stepping Stones

We got up too late for the hike on the east side of Watson Lake. Monday we had taken a short hike there and Eliot said we'd come back early one day with sandwiches in out fanny packs and go further exploring some of the intersting side trails. I've mentioned before that Prescott has lots of nice places to hike and also bike. The biking part of the trail is a rails to trail path that used to be part of the Sante Fe, Phoenix, Prescott railroad back in the days before automobiles took over. Between the trail and the Lake are all these side trails through boulders with cute names that I can't remember.
So instead Eliot took a two hour walk through the RV park. It's a large park with mobile homes at one end. He probably had to make only two circuits while I got to go to Stepping Stones, one of the local thrift stores where for under $20 I got five shirts - two long sleeve and three short sleeve, a pair of nylon hiking pants and a dozen books. I love thrift stores. I almost never buy anything new. Utah has the best thrift stores in the country run by Deseret Industries (known as DI) the charity arm of the LDS church. Goodwill has gotten too expensive. The Salvation Army, DAV, and some of the others charities are variable. Some of the best buys can be hospital thrift stores because people die with lots of nice hardly used clothes and the stores are usually staffed by volunteers who underprice. Before I met Eliot and I travelled alone for 5 years I thought of writing a guide to thrift stores throughout the country. But now I hardly ever get to spend time in them. Not one of Eliot's favorite pasttimes.


  1. When I lived in NY I loved to shop good thrift stores. Haven't found a lot here.

  2. Hi Karen, I'll be back. Thanks for liking my blog. I should spend more time in thrift stores. I know you can get good stuff.