Friday, October 2, 2009

Harkins Theatres birthday gift

Today is Eliot's 70th birthday. I took him to the Chinese Buffet and then to "The Invention of Lying". I told the ticket seller at Harkins that it was Eliot's birthday and they gave me a coupon for free popcorn. I asked at the counter if we could get something else because Eliot can't eat popcorn (something probably many other people our age have problems with). They said they'd have to call the manager, who said he'd have to ask the general manager. By that time it was getting late and the movie was about to start. After the movie I mentioned it to the cleaners who were waiting at the door and was told by a young woman that they can only give popcorn free. I told her she should ask the man in the sky but she hadn't seen the movie and didn't get the reference. I recommend the movie to all skeptics.


  1. Happy Birthday, Eliot! Hope it was a great one. Sorry about the popcorn thing, but I don't imagine it spoiled your day.

  2. Oh too bad about the popcorn gift, I'm the same any corn at all I can't deal with. I heard Ricky Gervais (and I'm a great fan) is totally misogynistic in this, is that true?