Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the saga continues...

Eliot can't have surgery until clearance from the cardiologist. Although his EKG hadn't changed his blood pressure`was off the charts. So today he's having an ultrasound of his renal artery, and next Tuesday a chemical stress test and echo cardiogram with a follow-up with the cardiologist the following Monday.The surgery on his neck was supposed to be next Wednesday. So he will cancel that and he says indefinitely because the third cortisone shot has left him almost pain free so he wants to wait. He's never been happy with the surgery though even his chiropractor friend, who is against surgery in most cases, says he should have it. In the meantime his blood pressure seemed to be going down since he gave up beer and we've been doing some hiking but last night and this morning was high again.


  1. Maybe another reason his blood pressure is down could be because now he isn't facing the surgery right now. Stress can raise it. I guess relief from stress could lower it. I'm glad he is pain free now at least.

  2. Hello Wise Old Woman,
    You commented on me two months ago, and then my computer died. So this is my first visit.

    I'm sorry you are having medical stress in you life right now. After having read just a bit of your blog, I see that you are quite resilient and that nature plays a strong part in your life.

    I echo Bobbie's comment.