Friday, August 14, 2009

400 miles

Riding in a Ford 250 Heavy Duty pick up meant for hauling is not really comfortable but especially 400 miles including 27 on a dirt mountain road and the rest of everything from almost smooth to really bumpy is not something old folks like us consider fun. But we did make it to Salt Lake City Thursday for a cortisone shot in the blugling disc between C5-6 and even picked up the repaired generator in Spanish Fork on the way back. I can't imagine the agony Eliot was in most of the time. How I made it back up the mt at 8pm is fading in memory. We'll know is a few days if the shot really helped. At least it did no harm. No leakage of spinal fluid.


  1. Karin, what an ordeal for both of you. You and Eliot were very brave to undergo such a trip. I hope the shot did help and he is feeling better. Does Eliot need to repeat the shots? Can he receive them nearby?
    I am the one who feels privileged to exchange views with such an interesting and well read woman like you!

  2. How are you and how is Eliot doing today?