Sunday, August 23, 2009

Help Mimi or Somebody

For some reason I can't get the site where I first got the globe I want to use on my blogblastforpeace. I copied it originally but then when I was adding things to it on paint I messed something up and nowI can't seem to find the blank blue rectangle with Dona Nobis Pacem on top and the November 5, 2009 on the bottom. I can only find ones with a different date. Help! The site that had what I want keeps saying the program is not responding.


  1. Hi Karin,

    Program not responding? Hmmm....
    I will send you a blank globe like the one you described OR if you tell me exactly what you want on it, I will ask someone to design it for you (no charge!)
    Write me at mimiwrites2005 at yahoo

    You have to have your peace globe!

  2. Good! I see Mimi has answered you. I was going to give you the site myself:
    But if you just email Mimi, I know she will help you. She helped me the first time, by email too.
    There are lots of people out there who are ready and willing to help, and much more capable at it than I am.

  3. Keep Mimi's email handy. She can help you with lots of things that have to do with Blog Blast.

  4. I am also going to ask for Mimi's help. Thanks everybody for all the information.