Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A letter I sent to IBDEditorials

Dear Sirs,
I wanted you to hear from someone who favors single payer universal health care. For 5 years before I reached 65 I had no health insurance because I was self-employed and could not afford it. A close friend died of cancer at 65 because he wasn't able to get it diagnosed before he received Medicare. We are the only industrialized country without universal health care. I am tired of all these scare tactics put out by by the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. Most doctors I know favor single payer and they don't belong to the AMA. Rich people can always get the health care they want. We are already have rationing because people without health insurance don't get the care they need.
I am not a socialist. I believe in responsible capitalism. I believe in small businesses. I don't have much trust in big conglomerates and investors who make their money from other's misfortunes. Unfortunately I feel that most politicians are bought by lobbyists and the best government reform would be term limits for all congressmen.
I am 72 years old and just wanted to have my say because it's not going to affect me for much longer. I also have worked in Nursing Homes and believe people should have a choice about their end of life care. Pneumonia used to be viewed as the old man's friend. In nursing homes people who are ready to leave this life are given antibiotics when they get pneumonia.
I was lucky to have been born in the United States because I am Jewish by birth and if I had been born in Europe in 1937 I probably wouldn't be living now to write this. I am sorry to see the greed and ugly tactics that are used to push an agenda. We need people of all beliefs to sit down and talk to one another civilly.
Enough. The human race is on the way to oblivian. We are hardly a blip in geologic terms. Too bad we couldn't have been a better blip.
a wise old woman


  1. Karin, I believe that single pay is the only way to go,if we ever expect to have a decent system. Mr. Obama wanted that too, but I guess he realized he could never get it - at least this time around - and settled for what he thought he could get. And he may not get even that - we can only pray.
    Right now, I'm fighting with an insurance company, trying to get the Rx my doctor thinks I should have. don't even get me started on that!

    Hang in there. We may not live to see it, you and I, but sooner or later...

  2. Couldn't agree with you more, Karin, about being a better blip. I despair sometimes about health care in USA for folk who don't have the means to pay. I'm not affected personally by this because as an EU citizen and pensioner, I get free health care and prescriptions.