Sunday, August 16, 2009


What amazes me is Celeste Maia coming into my life and now she is prodding me. How am I and how is Eliot's neck? He is feeling better since the cortisone shot. Tomorrow will be the test. Driving back down the bumpy road to Vernal. But Celeste asked about me too and I am tearing up writing this because she cares enough to ask and despite the fact that she is a talented woman who has done so much with her life and I feel such a failure (my daughter won't talk to me, says leave me alone) I am close to my sons especially the youngest, Patrick, the sculptor. They both seem to have forgiven me for my lack of parenting skills. I have led a strange life. There was a time when I was practicing Wicca. I liked that they said "Do as thou wilt but harm none" and really believed in the power of creating and aiming positive energy toward a goal. And then just through reading other comments to Celeste Maia's post came across the synchronity site which rekindled my earlier fascination with Jung. (Eliot wants to stop generator to check oil so I will have to end this now) I just wanted to say my dreams lately are mostly about being lost.

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  1. Karin, you leave me speechless. I am just as lost as you are, with all kinds of problems, and unresolved relationships, doubts, pains, anxieties, etc. But we try and do what we can to help others, and be involved, and read, and have opinions and try and make sense of our lives. You are braver than I am, and more honest, and more generous.