Friday, August 28, 2009

Lost Post

I just lost a new long post. Where did it go?
First I said that we went back to Salt Lake City for another cortisone shot.
Then I said we probably have to get this traction apparatus for Eliot's neck.
then I complained about the scare tactics that the opponents to health care reform are using.
Then I said that Eliot and are I are 180 degrees apart on political views.
Then I said that I finally got my BlogBlast for Peace globe done with James' help whom Mimi sent me and then I said I'd better post date it if I can follow James' instructions.
Then I lost it.


  1. How frustrating for you! Nothing so aggravating as losing something you have worked on and are probably proud of. I do hope you can reclaim it.

    I did my Peace Globe a while ago and submitted it, but now I can't find it on Mimi's site. I asked her about it, and she came up with my last year's one, but not the new one. At least, not yet. I resent it to her.

  2. I thought you might have gone to Salt Lake City for another cortisone shot. How is Eliot feeling with the second shot?
    How frustrating to lose a whole text! It has happened to me to have hit the wrong key and all my days's work was gone. Now I am constantly saving text.
    I am traveling right now, but when I settle in Madrid again will take care of my Peace Globe too.
    My best to Eliot. It must be aggrating to be 180 degrees apart on political issues!