Monday, August 10, 2009

Eliot's neck

As far as Eliot's neck it was scary looking at the MRI. Almost 4 weeks ago he had pain that felt like a pinched nerve. After two visits to a chiropractor we ended up in the emergency room last Monday where they did the MRI which showed two bulging cervical discs, ruled out heart problems and made a appointment early this morning whith a pain specialist who was going on vacation last week but did prescribe a series of prednisone. When we saw him today at first he debated between a torn rotator cuff and a pinched nerve but after looking at the MRI decided we should treat the discs as one is touching the spinal cord (that's the scary part to me not seeng any fluid around the cord). But he doesn't do cortisone shots in the neck and has referred us to someone in Salt Lake City with whom they'll be in touch with Wednesday. In the meantime he has to go to physical therapy which we scheduled for Wednesday, so Eliot could rest tomorrow. The almost two hour trip to Vernal in the pick up is agony. The doctor also prescribed Robaxin as well as more percoset.Oh, yes the quiet generator that quit is still in Spanish Fork but is finally being worked on so Eliot is hoping we can pick it up when we go to Salt Lake City. But we do use the cheap noisey generator.If we make it through the summer how can Eliot be persuaded that this should be our last year as hosts at the primitive remote campground that he loves but is just too far away from help whem we need it.


  1. One would think all the pain and problems would persuade him. But that may not be so. Men can be pretty stubborn, can't they? Maybe you just have to say no. Not knowing the gentleman, I guess I should just mind my own business.

  2. Well, I am glad that there is a solution, even though it will be slow going. The important thing is that he managed the trip both ways and now has a day to rest. I do hope that by next year Eliot will be persuaded you cant continue doing the same program. One day at a time, right now you need to just concentrate in solving his condition.