Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eliot's health

We saw the PT on Monday and he did some traction and we see the doctor Thursday and maybe he'll order another MRI. We'll then have to decide whether to go back to the Phoenix area directly (where his primary doctors are) or more slowly make our way down. Driving is still very difficult for him whether he's driving himself or just riding. Is it neurogenic, torn rotater cuff or both?


  1. Decisions about health can be difficult. At least I often find them so. Years ago, I never had a problem knowing what to do, but these days, it seems much harder. I hope things go well for you both.

  2. I hope it was okay to post if. It was on Facebook taken by someone who was there with Jake.

  3. The right decision will come to you and Eliot. And I hope it will not be too complicated. Having CLL I am always having to make decisions, like chemo or no chemo? What will happen if I go with the no chemo decision? In the end I go with the no chemo decision, at least I still have quality of life now. So I understand, I think, what you are going through. Good luck, Karin.