Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My first photo

My son, Jake and his son Eldar at Butterfly Valley on the coast of Turkey. I can't believe I finally figured how to get a photo on my blog!


  1. What a beautiful photo! Congratulations on finding the way to post it! I hope you continue to post pictures.

  2. Wonderful photo, Karin, well chosen. Do print more, please.

  3. This is such an atmospheric photo, with the sun setting beyond the headland. Good enough to have framed, methinks.

    Karin, I remember struggling to figure out how to insert pictures, getting them in the wrong order, losing blogs. I still do at times.

    When you want to insert stuff on the RH side of your blog (where your Archive is listed) go to Layout on your blogger dashboard and you'll see a large selection of things to do.

    By the way, you can set your Blog Preferences so that you're notified whenever anyone leaves a comment on your blog. I would suggest having a play and looking at the Help section, but I realise you have particular problems up your mountain retreat.

    It must be very frustrating to have your time on the PC limited by someone else's demands. Now that you've discovered a whole new world on the internet, I hope you'll be able to continue....somehow.