Sunday, August 30, 2009

Peace and Necks

I just published my BlogBlast for Peace post dated 11/5/09. I sure hope that works because who knows where I'll be at that time.
Am I also supposed to send a copy to Mimi? Sometimes when I try to click on her site my computer goes bananas and tells me to end program. So maybe somebody will tell me how to send my post to Mimi.
In the meantime, Justin, the physical therapist from Vernal, yesterday brought up this over door cervical traction device that the dr in Vernal wants Eliot to use. Justin's first love is fishing and found that having to deliver the device was the best excuse to get out of the house on Saturday. He also brought his two year old son in a backpack and they hiked up to a favorite lake. Eliot hasn't tried the traction device yet. He wants to talk to the doctor first so we're going to go down Monday to Vernal but at least Justin got to go fishing.


  1. I hope the drive to Vernal tomorrow goes smoothly and that Eliot gets to have a good conversation with the doctor.

  2. Glad Eliot has received his traction device. And it's nice that Justin got in his fishing day too.

    So far as Mimi is concerned, I always have trouble on her site, with pages flipping around. Haven't had a problem with her email though. It's mimiwrites2005 at
    I don't think you're supposed to have to also send it to her. I did, because I couldn't find mine, so I sent it again to her email. Haven't had a response yet.

  3. I meant to say - I, too, wonder where I might be by the time November rolls around. I wrote a post to go with my globe, and scheduled it for the proper date 0 including the globe, of course.

  4. Hi Karin. I'll be back to read up your latest. Meanwhile, there's an award for you on my blog, with apologies if it's not your kind of thing.

  5. You can email your Peace Globe to Mimi and she'll include it in the gallery. And I understand your difficult with her site loading. She's got a lot of stuff there and it sometimes makes the page difficult to load.

    But you can always email her and she'll make sure you are included on Blog Blast day!