Sunday, August 16, 2009

Global Consciousness

A while back (before I started blogging) I joined Facebook at my son, Patrick's sugestion so I could more easily follow my children and nieces and nephews goings on. There are very few older people on Facebook although I did find two people from my High School in Brooklyn. Most of what goes on on Facebook seems to me to be pretty silly but since Celeste Maia has helped me stop staring at my navel and become involved in the world again I joined BlogBlast for Peace and invited my "friends" on Facebook to join. I rarely get a response to any of my comments on Facebook (that's why I started blogging and found elder blogs) but let's see what happens now.


  1. Karin, I had more to write in my last comment, but the doorbell rang, and then I had to give my car keys to my friend who is borrowing the car, and the train of thought got broken. I will just say that I admire you and how you handle your life, and enjoy coming to your blog, and am so glad you joined BlgBlast for Peace. How can I join too?

  2. I am also very glad you joined Blogblast for Peace, Karin. I think it's important. I was kind of proud of my last year's globe. This year, I'm not so happy with mine, but I'm still thinking about it. I'm so glad people from all the world are involved in this. It gives me hope.

  3. Hi Karin and Bobbie!
    I am tickled pink that both of you are involved in the movement.
    Karin, you just joined a very caring community of peace lovin' people.